Kelly's Debut EP is on it's way!

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About Kelly Donovan

About Kelly Donovan

Hi, I’m Kelly Donovan – a British singer-songwriter, who loves pop music, soppy ballads, pianos, romance, English tea and marmite. I’m inspired by people like you, who have taken the time out of your day to read about me. Well, thank you. I live in Essex, England… a 40 minute train ride outside of London. That’s my favourite thing about living here, because it’s fun to travel up there to perform, meet people, or just hang out in my favourite places. I also live by the sea. Well, it’s an estuary, but it’s got water in it!

The names of my songs could be put together to make a story about me. I suppose that’s why we write music… to rant, to let things out, to spill feelings, to tell the world how happy or sad we are, and to then share these things with the world (even though it may have been easier to just say it in the first place… but it makes it fun, I guess!).

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Kelly's Debut EP is on it's way!

Kelly Donovan will be releasing her debut EP this Winter 2013! All updates will be posted here to keep fans up to date with the latest news, release dates and launch performances!

Kelly's music page features demos, unreleased originals, and previews of her upcoming singles!


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