I went a little, wittle bit viral…

So, I was casually having dinner at the casino with my family when I looked at my phone and someone had posted on my wall saying, “So, I guess you’re on point to become a little bit more famous now”, with a link to a Facebook post.

Naturally, I was like, “Dude, what are you talking about?”.

To my surprise, my lovely DonoFan, Amaël Lemaître, was right! I clicked the post and found that my new video, “I’m Always Here” had been picked up by the Facebook page, “The Best of YouTube” and THEY HAD POSTED UP MY VIDEO!

It has had over1,300 likes now and 250 shares! I was literally so happy it’s untrue. Like, you always see it happen to other people, but when it’s your video it feels so surreal. I still have no idea how the page found it (if you sent it to them, then thank you to the moon and back!).

All the comments were so amazing to read and now I feel like I can really, truly do this. I want to make music that relates to people, and that’s exactly what this did. I LOVE YOU ALL.

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