It’s official… I AM A NESBIAN.

I was never a huge fan of Nina Nesbitt’s EP’s and singles, but I have to say, I’m in LOVE with her debut album, ‘Peroxide‘. I’m not sure if I should be blogging about other artists because, y’know, I’m a musician and I should be all self-obsessed and shouting, “LISTEN TO ME. ME, ME, ME”. But, no, I’m going to stand up and admit… I am… a Nesbian (what a fan base title!).

As soon as Ninz released her track, ‘The Hardest Part’, on iTunes for the fans to preview and buy, I knew I had to have the album. I’d already fallen in love with her single, ‘Selfies‘, which I covered on YouTube (*hint… see below*), and that just pushed me over the edge to be quite honest.

Her lyrics are so fantastically quirky and honest about British society. It’s refreshing. Her track, ‘Brit Summer’, mentions the ‘boys next door on their way to Magaluf’, which is just so true, let’s face it. We all know those boys. And ‘Mr. C’ is also a fantastic track, which I think relates to every girl in Britain. We all know that rich boy who buys you a drink and expects you to go home with them. Not gonna happen, dude. And don’t even get me started on ‘Not What Your Dad Wants To Know’, which just describes my own father inside and out. I mean, the line; ‘He sings and plays guitar, he’s not a lawyer or a doctor, he doesn’t know the football score, but he loves me’, is just genius.

She’s a quirky blend of Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift (I know, amazing… right?), so if you’re looking for something new to freshen up those ear drums, give it a listen. I totally recommend it.

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